Xion Partners with Nextech AR to Enter the Metaverse

A strategic partnership between Xion Global and Nextech AR Solutions has been established to create the bridge between the physical and digital commerce world… where consumers can redeem digital assets for real world items using Xion’s new marketplace.

Nextech AR solutions boosts your business with solutions such as: WebAR, 3D Ad Network, AR Smart Packaging, Human Holograms, 3D Product Visualisations, AR Portals, and much more!

By leveraging Nextechs Augmented Reality and Articifical Intelligence technology, Xion has built a marketplace that will take their merchants brands to new heights! This will not only boost conversion rates, reduce returns and increase customer engagement using AR and 3D but create opportunities for in-store and online brands to sell their products in the metaverse for digital to physical redemption in the form of NFTs.

Marketplace Features

Now global crypto and DeFi enthusiasts can immerse themselves in an unforgettable shopping experience. Viewing products in AR, purchasing them with crypto, and getting up to 100% cashback. What more could you ask for?….

Well, how about NFTs for digital to physical redemption, metaverse wearables and storefronts to sell products to the new age of gaming consumers! Xion’s got big plans to expand their initial marketplace…

As such, the marketplace will be broken down in 3 phases and limited to selected merchants:

Phase 1:

  • List them on our marketplace for consumers to view in AR & 3D
  • Limited sales feature for merchants selling exclusive items
  • Ability to pay in BTC, ETH, LTC, XGT, XDAI, DASH, XRP, BCH and get cashback using Xion Global’s payment gateway
  • AR advertising banners

Phase 2:

  • 3D/AR metaverse compatible NFTs for digital to physical redemption(cross-chain)
  • NFT metaverse wearables for wear to earn, royalties & secondary trading fees
  • Fashion marketplace partnerships to increase brands NFT/product liquidity

Phase 3:

  • AR/3D asset creation integration with Nextech AR solutions
  • Monthly fee to use AR/3D creation services for Xion’s marketplace
  • AR store creation for selected merchants to sell their products in the metaverse

This is all made possible through the strategic partnerships between AR/3D specialists, fashion industry creators/designers and in-store + online merchants utilising Xion Global’s crypto payment gateway.

Marketplace Fees

Xion will only be covering the AR/3D asset creation fees for the first batch of merchants on the marketplace. Any merchants thereafter will incur a 5% transaction fee on any sales, an upfront or monthly AR/3D creation fee and an optional AR advertising banner fee for featured listings.

This means, the first batch of merchants are reaping the ultimate benefits of 0% transaction fees, no upfront AR/3D creation fees, chance to be featured in an AR banner, exclusive listings and limited physical shipment costs.

On top of that, being first in line for the subsequent phases to be rolled out.

Gleam Competition for consumers

Xion will be doing a $1250 (Split between 10 people) giveaway in BNB to the most active shoppers on their new marketplace. The more products a consumer purchases, the higher their chances are of winning BNB!

Complete all the required tasks in this link & stand a chance to win $1250 in BNB >> https://gleam.io/H6O2N/xion-marketplace-giveaway

Xion’s first step into the metaverse

This is Xion’s first step into the metaverse, to capture not only a portion of the $9 Trillion dollar e-commerce market but the $814 Billion dollar metaverse market. Creating new innovative ways to expand in-store and online brands consumer base.

With a combination of crypto payments, cashback rewards, augmented reality and NFTs, Xion is paving the way to the ultimate shopping experience in both the physical and digital world.

First batch of merchants:

  • TryHards
  • DabbleMart
  • GCards
  • Joseph Owen Barber
  • NFTmall

Who will be listed next!?

About Xion Global

By combining the irresistible perks of a Web3 environment, cross-chain capability, loyalty programs and cashback rewards, Xion readies itself to be the game-changer in the global e-commerce and finance industries. Essentially, Xion aims to be a Web3 Stripe facilitating crypto payments for thousands of merchants and their customers when they shop online and at almost zero costs.

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