Xion Goes Big on Web3 Crypto Payments in 2022

When blockchain technology was introduced to the world, there was a lot of controversy around how things would work. The concept claimed to facilitate fast, affordable and secure transactions, which is not difficult to see today.

Every year is different for this area of cryptocurrency. The rapid surge of the acceptance of digital cash as an alternative for fiat currency has seen the growing demand for equally fast, reliable and secure crypto payments.

At Xion Global – one of the leading crypto payment gateways – we are very optimistic about the year 2022. Our plan is already laid out, and our users should undoubtedly stay put for numerous upcoming features and announcements.

Xion’s payment solution is built on a robust and secure foundation using the Gnosis chain for seamless, secure payments and automatic conversions to the xDAI stable coin. Our focus has been to cater to several small and large scale businesses to offer them a unique payment gateway for crypto payments, helping to facilitate easy payments and managing their online businesses. Our crypto payment solution will be serving numerous industries such as the Metaverse, Gaming, Property, Marketplaces and more (to mention a few).

We are looking forward to adding more industries to the list by the end of 2022.

In addition to our service, we are pleased to announce that Xion Global currently has approx 30 projects signed up for API integrations for the second quarter of 2022 with more in the pipeline. Some additional features will include the project’s token listing and custom payment features.

We appreciate that our clients are looking for flexible and customizable payment integrations to utilize a vast array of crypto payment solutions. Existing merchants on platforms such as Shopify, Woocommerce, Magento and others will soon be able to use Xion’s plugins to facilitate the crypto payment solution to all products and services. Additionally, our API/SDK & Plugin Payments solution will also feature over 16+ blockchains, 1000+ cryptocurrencies (Auto Conversion to Stable Coin), an on-site and off-site checkout, Metaverse payments and so much more.

    We are currently working on partnerships with equally competitive firms such as Shapeshift, Solchicks, Pax World, Luxfi, NFT Mall, ChainGuardians and many others to add to our pool of clients for payment integrations in 2022. In the meantime, users can currently take advantage of Xion’s Web3 checkout buttons, payment links and customer management dashboard to accept and send payments, offer cash back rewards and manage online payments.

      Xion Global 2022 Roadmap:

      There is already so much that Xion Global has set out for 2022. This is to make our payment solution the best for our clients and users. Our 4-phased plan in our roadmap features new additions and improvements to meet a reliable crypto payment solution demand.

      First Quarter: Xion Global seeks to elevate the customer management features to facilitate seamless management when it comes to single, recurring and outstanding payments. We also seek to deploy a new subscription contract to cater for the updated customer management actions and features. The focus is also primarily on developing APIs, SDKs for a seamless payments integration. Our users should also look forward to the Xion Astronaut NFT Pre-sale beginning 16th Feb.

      Second Quarter: For the second quarter of 2022, we shall be presenting additional payment options for partners that have requested their own token listings, which include Shapeshift $FOX, Pax World $PAX and others. Elk Finance is also on the list of our quarterly partnerships to facilitate multichain payments over 16+ networks. Still on APIs, exciting collaborations with companies like PaxWorld & ChiliVille are underway to promote secure and effortless Metaverse Crypto payments. Lastly, by the end of the quarter, we will focus on NFT Contract Creations, Deployment and Minting to increase the use of NFTs for payments.

      Third Quarter: Our customers should expect a great deal of improvement on most of our products in the third quarter and of course more integrations majorly in the areas of Metaverse, Gaming & Marketplaces. Our clients should also anticipate the ability to use NFT Domains for logging in and an expansion of crypto payment abilities across all major chains. Xion Global will also release plugins for several ecommerce platforms and even more customizable options for websites. To top it all off, the integration of Agave for automatic Sales Revenue interest is set to go live, so Merchants will have the ability to easily start generating interest on their sales revenue.

      Fourth Quarter: The last quarter of 2022 will be centered around Empowering Businesses and additional add ons to register a business on the blockchain, purchase NFT domains or get marketplace listings for advertising to large Crypto Communities.

      This period will also see enormous enhancements for Xion merchants. Already online or in-store (brick & mortar) businesses can accept single or recurring crypto payments, offer cashback rewards and manage customer payments with 0% transaction fees. Merchants that are looking to increase their consumer base, conversion rates and acquiring an extra revenue stream, should look no further than Xion Global. This is all made possible through the acceptance of crypto payments, cashback rewards, the sale of digital and physical products through NFTs and the ability to earn interest on sales revenue.

      Our detailed roadmap is already in its implementation stage and any new features will be updated via the Xion Global website.