Xion Global Enters Strategic Partnership With TrustPad

We are thrilled to announce a partnership with TrustPad, a cutting-edge launchpad with the utmost security and transparency. This partnership will undoubtedly provide countless benefits for our community and theirs as we launch our decentralized payment gateway alongside them.

When considering different launchpads to collaborate with, we felt it was fundamental to select one that shared our core values of creating an ecosystem built on trust. As such, TrustPad became the inevitable choice, and we look forward to the opportunities that our combined forces can generate.

TrustPad leaves no stone unturned when vetting the projects they introduce to their investors. We believe this commitment to proper due diligence and transparency, which is a shining example of what our decentralized payment gateway embodies. In addition, TrustPad’s dazzling reputation for launching top-tier blockchain projects has helped them garner the support and endorsement of many high-level companies and VCs.

As a result, we are thrilled at the prospect of the growth that will come from our partnership with them.

About TrustPad

TrustPad allows investors to gain access to early-stage blockchain projects in a safe and secure ecosystem. Their decentralized platform has made waves with features like lottery levels and rewards for $TPAD stakers. TrustPad is committed to launching projects that have sustainable long-term value and ensure this through a stringent vetting process.

The platform is also interoperable on networks like BSC and Ethereum, with plans to expand to Solana, Polkadot, and Cardano shortly.

About Xion

Xion Global is a decentralized payment portal that disrupts the e-commerce payment industry, empowering both business owners and consumers. Upon analyzing the current payment systems in e-commerce, it became obvious that there was a need in the market for a better, decentralized option.

One that allows business owners to save time and focus on growth, by removing intermediaries and reducing fees associated with them. Our technology provides total transparency to buyers and sellers, and we are excited to provide this same benefit for investors who utilize TrustPad’s platform.

“Cryptocurrency needs a real-world use case to gain mass adoption and our e-commerce solution is a natural fit for this purpose”

Xion Finance

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