Xion Global Enters Strategic Partnership With SafeLaunch – As Their First Incubated Project

With great excitement, we announce our partnership with SafeLaunch, an all-in-one project incubator, yield generator and launchpad with safety as its overwhelming priority on the Binance Smart Chain. SafeLaunch has a shining reputation for only launching projects that present sustainable value to their investors.

Like us, SafeLaunch has built a thriving ecosystem of trust and transparency that puts the community above all else. With these core values so closely aligned, we know that a partnership with them will add tremendous value for our community as well.

We are confident that their team of talented advisors and project developers, at the top of their respective fields, will empower the continued development of our payment gateway free of third parties. Our payment gateway platform is a long-term vision that will revolutionize the world of E-commerce; we are delighted to have the help of so many prominent businesses in guiding Xion financially and strategically.

About SafeLaunch

SafeLaunch is the first decentralized incubator platform with an in-house launchpad on the Binance Smart Chain. For a project to be listed on Safelaunch, it must first undergo a rigorous due-diligence process that analyses its fundamentals, application, architecture, and team.

Once the seal of approval has been given, projects will receive valuable advisory and marketing guidance. They will also be presented to the community of investors within the Safelaunch ecosystem. This formula for success will allow many projects to achieve long-term growth, benefitting both developers and investors alike.

About Xion

Xion meets the global need for a more efficient payment gateway in e-commerce and disrupts the payment industry with a decentralized portal that removes third-party payment providers. Our platform empowers retailers and consumers with an automated system that saves businesses time and allows for more focus to be put on growth. Xion also provides purchasers with 100% transparency on every transaction, with no hidden fees that are typically imposed by intermediaries.

“Cryptocurrency needs a real-world use case to gain mass adoption and our e-commerce solution is a natural fit for this purpose”

Xion Finance

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