Xion Global Announcement Board of Advisors

Introducing Marco Calicchia

We are privileged to officially announce our latest advisor, Marco Calicchia.

An industry expert, Marco primarily focuses on the BSC ecosystem. He is a true trailblazer in the blockchain industry, where he has provided expert guidance since 2016. Marco has a remarkable resume; he founded the 2nd largest community management company, MaZee, during the height of ICOs. Additionally, he has advised over 20 successful projects on partnerships, growth, and security and raised over $500M during private sales.

Marco now serves as Xion Global’s strategic advisor, where he provides professional guidance on security and purposeful growth for Xion Global & Xion Finance going forward.

Moreover, he sees great potential and is committed to nurturing Xion Global’s maturity and development. As an industry veteran, he enriches our network by assisting with strategic partnerships, marketing, and so much more.

A Word From Marco

I have joined as an advisor at Xion, to support with their overall growth, as well as security around their DeFi DApp and Commerce Platform. I believe Xion has the opportunity to be a game changer for e-commerce businesses looking to adopt crypto.

Strategic Advisor- Marco Calicchia

A Word From The Founder

What a privilege and honour it is to have Marco join Xion’s board of advisors. Bringing with him an abundance of knowledge and networks to the company to assist in bringing Xion’s e-commerce and payment solution to life. I am positive that we will see immense growth together and revolutionise the industry as a whole. Great things to come.

CEO- Ronan Quarmby