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Xion Global was founded to fulfil a need. After spending several years working with multiple ecommerce and payment solutions, it became clear that there was no single unified ecommerce platform. Xion set out to change this.

2021: Q3 – Alpha & Beta Release

Subscription contract deployment (xDAI chain)

Web 3 Checkout button creation & URL

Product & customer management

XGT Loyalty Program

Automated Invoicing

xDAI & XGT Single + Recurring Payment Methods

Web 3 wallet integration

Product verification

Cashback rewards

XGT Auto compounding

2021: Q4 – Interest, API & Additional Payment Methods

Crypto to fiat withdrawal API integration

Cross-chain payment methods

Automated interest on sales revenue

Sales & recurring revenue analytics for merchants

xDAI & XGT refunds

API for web 3 checkout buttons (custom, variants etc)

Fiat to crypto preparation

Metaverse preparation

2022: Q1 – NFTs, Digital uploads, Product Separation

One click checkout

Payment method selection

Automated NFT minting for product ownership & authenticity

Main & follow up product separation

Enhanced analytics

Dispute management

Marketplace product creation

2022: Q2 – Marketplace, Shipping, Email Customisation

Custom emails for customers

Product & NFT Marketplace

Automated fulfilment integration

Inventory management

Supplier portal

Eco-friendly supplier integrations

Shipping carriers

2022: Q3 – Marketing Packages, Team Access & On-Chain Ratings

Merchant and end user on-chain ratings

Team management console

Marketing integrations and packages

Funnel and domain creation


Our goal is to help entrepreneurs become financially independent. Xion has combined modern ecommerce discounts & cashback rewards with blockchain technology, for a novel “1-click to DeFi” mechanism.

Exchange listings (CEX & DEX)

Connecting all 3 dapps for XGT shopping, burn rate, cashbacks and tokenizing products/services with NFTs for ownership representation

Recurring sales revenue LP reinvesting for Xion Merchants

XGT governance on proposed software changes

Staking LP tokens for increased XGT generation

Additional layer 2 solutions for xDAI accessibility

Lending protocol on xDAI

NFT bug bounties and NFT gaming world

xDAI bank withdrawals

Recurring liquidity provision and reduced transactions for LPs

Micro loans and/or flash loans for merchants

An anti-fraud Token-Curated Registry for merchant listings

DAO to distribute governance

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