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Xion Global was founded to fulfil a need. After spending several years working with multiple ecommerce and payment solutions, it became clear that there was no single unified ecommerce platform. Xion set out to change this.

Analytics for smart contract transactions and overall merchant revenue, churn rates etc…

Mechanisms to select what data to share with merchants/customers from e-commerce purchases

SDK for Shopify, Magento, and WooCommerce etc…

Digital/NFT product uploads and management

Automated blockchain fulfillment integration

One-click decentralized payment options

Connecting suppliers for instant product/service access for merchants

Automated dispute resolution using decentralized jurors

Decentralized marketplace for merchants listings, on-chain ratings and community voting on merchant listings

Decentralized data storage

Instant funnel website creation with preinstalled templates

Decentralized social integration for merchant/consumer discussions


Our goal is to help entrepreneurs become financially independent. Xion has combined modern ecommerce discounts & cashback rewards with blockchain technology, for a novel “1-click to DeFi” mechanism.

Exchange listings (CEX & DEX)

Connecting all 3 dapps for XGT shopping, burn rate, cashbacks and tokenizing products/services with NFTs for ownership representation

Recurring sales revenue LP reinvesting for Xion Merchants

XGT governance on proposed software changes

Staking LP tokens for increased XGT generation

Additional layer 2 solutions for xDAI accessibility

Lending protocol on xDAI

NFT bug bounties and NFT gaming world

xDAI bank withdrawals

Recurring liquidity provision and reduced transactions for LPs

Micro loans and/or flash loans for merchants

An anti-fraud Token-Curated Registry for merchant listings

DAO to distribute governance

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