Hosted Checkout – Why it is highly recommended

(December 23, 2020) – The most exhilarating feeling that can happen to you as a digital entrepreneur is when your online business starts cashing in. That is why you should consider your hosted checkout page as your website’s most important page where the customer finally decides to pay you.

But even though you have chosen the best-hosted checkout page there is according to you, shopper abandonment can go as high as 60% to 80%. Why is this?


There are a few important things to consider when deciding to let your checkout page be hosted by a payment facilitator in contrast to you running it personally.


First impressions last. You should go for a slick and neatly organized checkout page that is user-friendly and allows for any personalized data input to delight the shopper. Anything confusing can simply turn a shopper scampering, while a simple and neat checkout page can fill your cash box to the brim!


Assuming that most shoppers are into credit cards as modes of payment in making online purchases, not all do. Others could be into more sophisticated payment methods such as PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, Google, or Apple, all of which are jockeying for positions to be the next online payment giant.

The presence of other digital payment channels visible on your hosted checkout page can boost shopper usage and customer loyalty.


A good hosted checkout page can maximize user experience by not even noticing the switch from your website to the hosted checkout page.

Providers should be able to present varying page design options to suit your taste and to blend into your website so that your hosted checkout page may not be deemed suspect at the onset.


When you go for online business, expect that your clientele is spread worldwide. Let your checkout page be such that it caters to different shoppers from different locations with different needs.

See to it that the requirements you need to support numerous languages, currencies, local payment methods, global card brands, and other necessities are met so that shopper conversions and loyalties will increase.


A shopper stopping short of paying just because your hosted checkout page does not support mobile devices can ruin your dream of making it big online. Almost all humans in the world can’t live without a mobile device.

They are all potential customers and mobile payment procedures are rapidly becoming the norm, by all means, should your hosted checkout page is mobile-activated.


A hosted checkout page is an outsourced checkout page. Therefore, the payment facilitator is in charge of its maintenance, saving you precious time and effort. As we have said, leading your shopper from your website to the hosted payment page and back means that you have found yourself an efficient provider.

7. API’s

Given the rapidity of online transactions due to the pressures of the coronavirus crisis, a hosted checkout page may soon be replaced by an efficient payment API.

The possibility of your payment facilitator offering API services can be high, and if ever there is, your online business need not be disrupted at all since switching providers is so complicated and complex, it is never an easy task.


This is to let you know that your host receiving the payment is responsible for all the data safekeeping since their domain, not your website is not part of the transaction. Without too many participants in a transaction, data theft is a remote possibility.


Being the entrepreneur that you are, you hold more burden of responsibility if you are also receiving sensitive information about the payee. With a hosted checkout page, you are released from that liability.


It will take a lot of years and a stroke of luck before finally establishing credibility that will carry your business through. But for the meantime, let the brand of your host sail you through the sea of doubt. Being an unknown can stall your progress.

But with a trusted brand side by side with your logo, it is likely that they will release to you their personal information and purchase in the long run.


Prioritizing any of the above-mentioned considerations is a matter of decision that is left to you. A combination of a checkout page with flexibility and integration may be enough for you. Or you are more into allowing customers to choose their payment methods coupling it with mobile device support which is a better option for your business.

Having been in the business of eCommerce for numerous years, Xion Global has already experienced, encountered, and embarked on different eCommerce solutions to the point of refining and redefining the presentation of a business platform that can make all these considerations possible. And it does not stop there.

Xion Global continues to research, develop, and expand possible features to transform the business platform into an experiential encounter for the shopper and the entrepreneur alike as the partnership transitions into the future.

Utilizing blockchain technology as its underlying infrastructure, Xion Global pioneered to decentralize eCommerce and designed it to integrate fragmented protocols into one working machination within an ecosystem.

The game-changing solutions provided will even render any online business of any shape and size to run on its own without messy third-party intervention and getting back full control of your data.


With Xion hosting your checkout page, you just opened a gate to endless possibilities.