Why Xion Is A One-Stop Subscription Shop

How Xion is changing the way businesses adopt subscriptions.

The subscription economy is already a $500 billion market, growing at a rapid rate year on year, with more and more startups looking to embrace subscriptions by changing their revenue model and go-to-market strategy. Although the recurring revenue and relatively easy logistics are surely lucrative, the backend billing and analytics system can be pretty gruesome, especially for companies just starting out.


This is where Xion comes in. We, at Xion, aim to streamline this process for you. So if you’re an existing company wanting to pivot to subscriptions or a new company just starting out, Xion will guide you every step of the way, be it billing, shipping or analytics.

Need of subscription model for businesses

What Is Xion?

Xion is a subscription-as-a-service platform, the brainchild of Ronan and Aeryn Quarmby, aiming to ease in the process of companies trying to adopt the subscription business model. We aspire to challenge existing practices and construct a new business model for subscription management software, businesses and customers are empowered with a subscription ecosystem that simply works. We want to allow companies of any size to be able to manage their customer subscriptions easily, and we want customers to have a simple process to purchase and manage subscriptions. This frees up time for businesses to more effectively serve the needs of their customers, leading to greater satisfaction and better business results.

How Does It Work?

The retailer can directly sign up on our platform, create the type of subscription appropriate for their business, manage the subscriptions and they’re ready to go scale into untapped markets! It’s really that simple! We handle all the backend with our beautifully engineered algorithms and you don’t have to worry about anything. The technology behind our platform is based on blockchain payment gateway, a decentralized and secure method of data storage and transfer.

All information within this system is safe and accessible, protected against single points of failure and encrypted for security. Our blockchain SaaS platform allows businesses to reap the benefits of automating all subscription order-to-revenue operations, relieving the need for a dedicated finance department to handle the transactions. We include full management capabilities within the platform, along with analytics and an integrated system for dealing with customer queries and disputes.

The Loyalty Program

Our unique loyalty program gives businesses a chance to build up trust amongst its customers like never before. As a business, you can get discounts off business subscription products and services in the business marketplace! The same goes for your customers in the general marketplace!

How Does The Loyalty Program Work For Your Business And Your Customers?

1. Purchase 1–5 Levels Of XSC Tokens In Your Xion Digital Wallet

2. Purchase A Subscription In The Business Or General Marketplace

3. Automatically Receive Continuous Compounded Discounts Off Your Purchased Subscription!

4. Watch Your XSC Discount Tokens Rapidly Grow In Value As The Demand For Discounts Grows!

5. Withdraw anytime into cold hard cash!

It simply means lifetime discounts for you and your customers.

All in all, it doesn’t matter if you have 5 employees or 500, we have the right solution for you.

Contact us for more information on how you can reduce costs, manage your data and scale your business into untapped markets.

As the first 250 early adopters will receive level 5 discount tokens to receive life-time discounts off any business or consumer subscription in Xion.

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