Top Advertising Strategies To Promote Your Subscription Box Business

A large part of the success of any subscription box business is getting customers to sign up to receive your offering. Here are the top strategies to promote your subscription box business.

The Overall Subscription Box Business Promotion Strategy

You need to produce a subscription box that people will be interested in and get it in front of your target market. You’ll be able to find out what interests people by using market research but you’ll also need to find out where those people hang out to be able to reach them effectively.

Are they on social media? Do they attend particular events? Are there websites they often visit? You need to meet your market where they often are, so attempting to promote a subscription box for high school students on a website most often visited by seniors is unlikely to work – advertise where you can be seen by the right people.

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Use the Correct Language

If you know your market, you can reach them effectively by speaking their language. No, not French or Spanish (although that may be applicable), but by using buzzwords they are familiar with. Using the right term for individual parts of a skateboard, knowing the difference between a motherboard and a computer, knowing that light is measured in lumens – being considered an expert in your market is a sure step to gaining subscribers.

Don’t Be Afraid to Experiment

You can advertise in print media, online, through video, through social media, with PPC adverts, and a number of other ways. The important thing is that every time you try something, learn from it. If you get a poor response from one particular style of advertising don’t keep trying it – learn and move on.

You might be surprised at what does actually work.

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Show the Benefits

Always focus on the highlights and benefits of your subscription box, and don’t try to run down competitors. People don’t want to know how bad someone else’s offering is – they want to know how good yours is.

Demonstrate How Easy It Is to Subscribe

If your subscription billing software makes it very easy for your potential customers to subscribe, make a point of it. There’s no hassle in setting up or managing a subscription with a Subscription as a Service platform like Xion Global, so let your customers know.

If you’re not using Xion to manage your subscription box business, get started right away!