The Xion Global Token (XGT)One of the first-ever cross-chain tokens.

The age of technology saw the rapid digitization of many things transactable. The financial industry, most of all, has been the battleground of so many disruptions that businesses with obsolete processes may be left behind unless drastic changes are employed to keep them relevant and functioning.

The pandemic suddenly brought us all into the testing phase wherein immediate shifts from manual and physical interactions to online transactions became the new normal as measures taken to curb the spread of the virus and keep alive the different levels of economies around the world.

Now, more than ever, digital coins and tokens are taking prominent places in the exchange of value over the physical fiat due to perceived virus transmission and its continuing debasement.

To distinguish the two, coins are standalone cryptocurrencies that have their own blockchain. It is used as a store of value and as a medium of exchange, made secure by consensus mechanisms and fixed monetary policies. Bitcoin (BTC) is a prime example of a coin that is native to its own Blockchain.

Ethereum, for its part, is a unique blockchain platform that allows for the creation of different branded tokens. It has its native token, the ether, or ETH, that navigates its own ecosystem for Ethereum transactions. Tokens perform a variety of functions aside from being a means of payment according to the project it supports. It can perform as a voting right, a representative of several coins bunched together, real estate, ownership, artworks, gaming characters, entitlement to rewards, or loyalty points in eCommerce platforms, just to name a few.

Now, there are certain types of tokens that categorically represent a function.

  • Payment Tokens – This type of token facilitates the transfer of payment for availed products or services. It functions similarly to that of digital coins.
  • Utility Tokens – This type of token grants the user access to a platform’s specific product or service and performs other functions.
  • Security Tokens – This token functions as a proof of investment representing real-world assets like fixed income and equity. This token is issued during an STO, or security token offering.
  • Asset Tokens – These are virtual tokens representing real-world assets such as gold, oil, gas, real estate properties, etc.
  • Stablecoins – This token type is meant to reduce the high volatility of cryptocurrencies and whose fixed values are pegged to the US dollar or the euro.
  • NFTs – These are non-fungible tokens that are not divisible and created to represent peculiar items especially in the fields of art, sports, and gaming.

The XGT Token

XGT (Xion Global Token) is an ERC-20 xDAI-native token that has cross-chain capabilities between the Ethereum Mainnet and xDAI chain. Our XGT is one of the first real cross-chain tokens that can be used for yield farming, processing e-commerce payments, minting rewards and simple value transfers.

By using the xDAI chain, XGT holders benefit from low-cost swaps, attractive liquidity mining, purchasing power and soon rights towards proposed changes to the software.

XGT has a lot to offer to not only the DeFi world but the commerce world as well:

  • Purchase products with XGT
  • Get up to 100% cash back in XGT
  • Use XGT to receive compounded discounts off your subscriptions(Loyalty program)

This is all possible through our decentralized payment & rewards gateway, where merchants can accept Visa, MasterCard, crypto payments and reward their loyal customers.

The maximum supply of XGT tokens are set at 3,000,000,000 to accommodate the cash back and long term yield farming rewards.

Soon we will expand onto the Binance Smart Chain and L2 solutions that we find suitable.


Launched in 2019, Xion Global aims to “help entrepreneurs become financially independent” by empowering them with an easily accessible, scalable, and cost-effective ecosystem for e-commerce payments, rewards, and financial incentives using XGT.

Makin’ payments and rewards easy for any business.