The Truth Behind the Most Seamless Crypto Shopping Experience EverPowered by Xion Global

Unimaginable Potential Only Xion Sees

Those reputable in the world of E-Commerce are seeing the overwhelming potential of converting into DeFi solutions to save on costs, bolster security measures, improve efficiency, and provide an overall better UX for their customers. However, all but one project has considered the ease of access for companies to convert into this type of platform, thereby slowing the high-yield returns online merchants could provide to their customers by integrating with the ingenious solution that is blockchain technology.

We at Xion Global (XG) were aware of this critical missing piece in the space, and have formulated a solution to seamlessly allow the symbiotic unity of DeFi to conventional E-Commerce. With merely 2 lines of code, any company can integrate into the XG ecosystem, and receive the best security, management costs, and provide a customer experience and cost-efficiency that only a specially made decentralized project of this scale could provide. Thus, instigating the rise of the most seamless shopping experience ever.

Issues Prevalent, Xion’s Solution Evident

Current centralized platforms force potential merchants to often succumb to a 30-day time-to-market application process, at which point they could be rejected under terms that don’t even relate to the overall quality of service that they are ready to provide. In contrast, XG provides an immediate automated evaluation that renders the applicant fast-tracked refinement features to successfully host their merchandise or, if already fitting, will provide immediate use of the platform for their sale purposes.

Now that merchant suppliers can seamlessly join this upgraded system of DeFi E-Commerce, we wanted to assure that customers could experience a refined UX whilst not demanding a change in their online purchasing habits. In line with this, we made it so any merchant using XG can accept payments from any globally-derived credit or debit card, as well as Apple and Google Pay. This all-encompassing payment system is made possible by our PCI-compliant partner Wyre.

Small Purchases Made Possible

A problem with DeFi in E-commerce is often the inconsistent transaction costs, and consequently high fees on even minute purchases (disallowing customers to purchase low-cost items regularly). We know that microtransactions are a large requirement in online shopping as a whole, and with that in mind, we guarantee a transaction fee on any purchase, no matter how small, of less than 1 cent.

How Xion Merchants Can Provide Consumers With Best-In-Class Prices

A major, but not well-known inhibitor for providing the best price points to customers are the commission fees merchants have to pay to be hosted on a payment platform (averaging 20% of overall revenue). We at XG feel that customers are the backbones of E-Commerce, and therefore we made XG absolutely free for merchant accounts so that loyal customers can be provided prices for goods that are simply unattainable on even the most widespread online shopping platform (ie. Amazon). Lastly, our cashback incentive system provides industry-leading cashback metrics.

Time to Give Xion Global a Try

As a whole, XG is the first to leverage blockchain technology in a way that provides the most seamless and cost-effective entry for merchants to sell their products, all the while improving quality assurance (through smart contract automation) so that customers know they can trust in the quality and legitimacy of the products hosted on the platform.

Additionally, customers can purchase with any payment source they have always used (thereby preserving the familiar UX for buyers), and will be delighted to know that merchants will earn a higher profit per sale while buyers can purchase any product at a significantly cheaper price point than is currently provided on any other shopping platform. What are you waiting for? Start the shopping revolution today.

About Xion Global

Xion Global aims to address these limitations with the development of a world-first payments solution, bringing practical functionality to blockchain and cryptocurrencies for real-world usage. The Xion Global payments & rewards gateway makes it easy for any business, ranging from SMME’s to multinationals, to accept and send payments, reward customers with cashback and build loyalty.