The Best Content To Use For Your Subscription Box Business

What makes people subscribe to a subscription box business? The answer is quite obvious – it’s the content of the boxes that really matters. But how do you know what the best content is to use for your subscription box service?

Inside the Subscription Business

There are many different types of subscription boxes and the expectations of the customers are just as varied. The first step to finding the best content to use for your subscription box business is to perform some customer research.

You can do this in a few ways. If you already have a subscriber base, send them a message asking what they might like to see in a future box. If your business connects with customers (and potential customers) through social media, start a poll with a selection of options to see where interest lies.

It may be that this produces no new ideas, so your next step is to check the analytics of your website and look into current trends regarding your market. A subscription business can easily adapt to the needs of its customers but only if you know what those needs are.

Subscription Box Content

The Practical Side of Subscription Box Content

When you understand your customers needs, you’re 90% of the way toward finding the best content for your subscription box business. However, you need to make sure the items you are considering are suitable for shipping worldwide in a box.

• How much does the item cost? If it is super-expensive and outside the budget you can allocate, it won’t be beneficial to your business.

• How big is the item? If it is very large or heavy, it won’t be suitable for shipping anywhere.

• Is it legal to send through the mail? Some items are restricted and cannot be shipped – and these rules can vary around the world.

• Is it perishable? If you’re only shipping locally and can guarantee delivery times, you might be fine with this – if you’re shipping worldwide, you don’t want to upset customers by delivering something that is broken, out of date, or rotting.

Content Strategy for Subscription Businesses

Simplify Running Your Subscription Box Business

Whatever you put inside your subscription box, you’ll need a way of tracking your subscribers and collecting their payments. Choosing a Subscription as a Service platform like Xion Global will help you to automate taking payments with its recurring billing software. You’ll also give your customers the benefit of central subscription management.

Contact us today to find out more about how Xion can benefit your subscription box business.