Farming with Xion Finance

Farm and earn up to 0.4% off every trade. It’s never been easier to farm and get rewarded with Xion.Finance

How Does It Work?

1. Go to

2. To begin farming, you will need to connect an existing crypto wallet or create a crypto wallet.

(The “Get Started” button can be found at the top right of any page on Xion.Finance)

If you are a newbie to Crypto we would highly recommend using Torus as your preferred crypto wallet. You can use any social login, email or phone number to create and access the Torus wallet. Swapping between networks will also automatically be done.

3. Once you have created or connected your wallet, you will now need to purchase xDAI.

Head to “Purchase xDAI To Farm”, on and you will see a field to insert the amount of USD value to xDAI you would like to purchase.

Once you have inserted the amount, click “Buy Now” to proceed to our partners checkout process “Ramp” where you can complete your purchase.

Once you have completed your purchase your xDAI will reflect in your crypto balance. Please allow a few minutes for the xDAI to arrive in your account.

Please note: To view deposit limits please go here >>

4. Now you can start farming by entering in the xDAI amount underneath the heading “Earn Interest from People Trading” and click “Start Farming”.

PS. If you do not own any XGT 50% of your xDAI will be swapped to XGT to keep a 50/50 balance in the liquidity pool. Approve the transactions and away you go! Once the transaction has been processed you will be sent XGT-LP to represent your shares in the pool.

Congrats you are now FARMING!