Shopping & XGT Rewards with Xion Finance

Spending your XGT rewards has never been easier with Xion.Finance

How Does it Work?

1. Go to

2. Scroll down to check if the cashback rewards are unlocked. If they are unlocked then you will be eligible to receive up to 100% cashback in XGT when purchasing products from our Xion merchants.

3. Scroll down to view current products on offer from Xion Merchants

4. View the offers by clicking on “Buy Now” to redirect to the Merchant’s online store

5. View offer, add to cart and checkout

6. Sign in with an existing wallet or create a new one to checkout

7. Add contact and shipping details

8. Select “Pay with Rewards” to use XGT for payment or “Pay with Crypto/Credit Card” if you would like to get up to 100% cashback in XGT (If unlocked)

9. Congrats you have made payment with XGT (0% transaction fees & instant) or you have received cashback in XGT.

10. You can now click “Manage my orders” to be directed to the platform, where you can manage your product/subscription or become a merchant. Please make sure to login with the same login details you used for checking out.

Note: If you purchase a subscription, you will not be eligible for cashback rewards, since cashback rewards only apply to single billing items. 

However, if a subscription has a Xion loyalty program, then you will be able to receive compounded discount over time. This explains how much XGT you need to receive discounts every month off your subscription. The easiest way to automatically receive XGT to pay for these monthly discounts in XGT, is to start farming. The staking amount refers to how much you need to deposit into farming, to be on a certain level of discount.

PS. To sign up as a Merchant please visit to get started.