Turn your Xion Wallet into a savings account to earn 6-14% interest rates. You’ll be getting lifetime discounts on subscription products or services and earning money in your sleep

Earn passive income with Xion Saving account



Forget having multiple accounts on different online stores. You can now manage all of your orders & subscriptions in one place.


Decentralized finance lending (DeFi)

Need to increase your customer lifetime value/period, renewal and retention rate? Then simply activate the loyalty program on your subscription checkout buttons to offer lifetime discounts. This means every single time your customers are billed for their subscription, they will receive a compounded discount.

The longer they stay subscribed, the more discount they’ll get!

Decentralized finance lending - Xion Global
How Xion saving account works

How does it work in simple terms

In a traditional savings account, you put money into the bank and earn interest on that money. The problem is that regular bank customers are not able to use their deposited, interest-earning money in any other way once it’s in the bank. Using the Xion Wallet, you can lend or borrow your DAI crypto to earn up to 14% interest annually. You can also spend the money your savings earned while still saving and withdraw your DAI crypto at anytime.

What is DAI?

For those unaware, all orders(once-off or recurring) are paid for in Dai and it is pegged to the US dollar(1 DAI = 1 USD). It has also taken the lead as the stablecoin of choice within DeFi. Here are a few reasons why:

+ Stability – As a stablecoin, Dai aides in the volatility of cryptocurrencies while maintaining the essential features of accessibility, censorship resistance, and distributed governance.

+ Collateralization – Unlike other stablecoins, Dai is backed by popular cryptocurrencies such as Ether ($ETH) rather than by an equivalent amount of fiat dollars.

+ Trustless – Dai aims to be as trustless as possible, meaning there should be limited reliance on the third party to custody collateral

+ Non-custodial – With Dai, all cryptocurrencies backing the supply are stored through audited smart contracts rather than by a third party

+ Accessibility – Dai can be acquired by purchasing it through the Xion Wallet or in the Xion hosted checkout when purchasing products, services or subscriptions.

+ Composability – In the Xion Wallet loyalty account, Dai can be loaned or borrowed to earn passive income, get lifetime discounts and using the main Xion Wallet account to purchase products and receive Dai from consumers.

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daily compounded process Xion Global

Compounded daily, no fees or minimum amount

You can start earning interest which will be credited to you daily. You will be free to add or withdraw your DAI at anytime with no fees. There is also no minimum amount.

Loyalty program and interest rates

This is a double whammy of a benefit! You can get compounded discount and interest rates on your DAI in your Xion Wallet loyalty account. Why, because depending on how much DAI you hold in your loyalty account, a certain discount package for compounded discounts is applied to any loyalty activated subscriptions you purchase from online stores. So whilst you getting discounts, you can earn interest at the exact same time.

Loyalty program and interest rates Xion Global


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