Xion Global Launches Exclusive NFTs for XGT Farmers

What are XGT Farmer NFTs?

Firstly, Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs) are cryptographic tokens that are used to create digital scarcities and to verify ownership. Now XGT Farmer NFTs are very rare tokens that represent a collection of digital artwork, which will only be airdropped to our farmers on xion.finance.

They work like any other crypto asset. They have value, are transferable and built on blockchain technology. However, their value comes from their scarcity, since there are only a limited amount of them made in existence. There’s only one Mona Lisa and that’s why it’s so valuable. Same goes for an NFT.

How do I get an NFT?

By simply farming XGT in xion.finance. If you are farming XGT at https://xion.finance/farm then you will get an NFT sent to your wallet address. Depending on how much xDAI(1 xDAI = 1 USD) you deposit to farm, will determine what NFTs will be airdropped to your wallet.

What’s the story behind these NFTs?

Story mode time:

The battleship has arrived. The ultimate commanding farmer named Legendary, orders his fleet to enter the Xion atmosphere and claim the world for their riches. The battleship descends leading the way…

The fleet takes cover under the battleship to protect themselves from the deadly storms on entry to planet Xion. No drone nor raider could ever get through the storms alone.

They finally arrive thanks to the battleship and find the soil rich in XGT uranium. A mineral so desirable, so unique that the entire galaxy is out to find it. But only one can have it all, only one could handle the power of such large amounts of XGT uranium…

His name is Legendary. The conqueror of DeFi worlds.

Now with the ultimate source of XGT uranium in his hands, he declares the galaxy as his for the taking. In just one click, his xDAI minerals are locked in the Xion core and mountains of XGT is released from the depths below. The world is finally his.

Now it’s time for the Rookies, Veterans, Elites, Pros and Master farmers to take their place as a Legendary farmer in one of the 10 parallel dimensions. 1 has been claimed, who will claim the next…


These are the XGT FARMER NFTs in all of existence:

The XGT Farmer identities have been hidden to protect them from galactic DeFiers who wish to destroy their fleets. Their identities can only be revealed when starlink liquidity providers claim them as their own.

OMG! XGT Farmers have already started collecting them 👨‍🌾

Look at my Rookie XGT Farmer NFT!

Look at my Veteran XGT Farmer NFT!

Look at my Elite XGT Farmer NFT!

Look at my Pro XGT Farmer NFT!

Look at my Master XGT Farmer NFT!

No Legendary XGT Farmer has been collected and so his identity is still hidden for now…

How do I collect them all in one go?

Become a Legendary farmer and you will get 1 of each NFT to add to your digital artwork collection. The only way to become a Legendary farmer is to deposit $20,000(xDAI) into the Xion Finance liquidity pool. Then you’ll own not only the Legendary XGT Farmer but the rest as well.

How do I start farming to collect these NFTs?

1. Click “Get Started” on https://xion.finance/farm

2. Create your Torus wallet and wait till it’s connected or connect an existing wallet (Metamask, WalletConnect etc)

3. Purchase xDAI underneath the heading “Purchase xDAI to Farm”

4. Wait for your “Crypto Balance” at the top left of the page to update

5. Enter in your amount of xDAI underneath the heading “Start Farming with xDAI”

6. Click “Start Farming” and approve 3 transactions

You are now farming XGT. Now depending on how much xDAI you deposited, is what NFT or NFTs you’ll get! What’s more, you get XGT rewards and earn trading fees whenever someone pays a transaction fee to swap XGT <> xDAI.

How much xDAI to deposit for each NFT?

For your understanding, 1 xDAI = 1 USD and xDAI is needed before you can start farming XGT in xion.finance. Please head to this page and underneath the heading “Purchase xDAI to Farm” is where you can purchase xDAI with your debit/credit card, apple pay or bank transfer.

If you have deposited up to any of these amounts in xDAI for farming, then you will get a rare XGT Farmer NFT sent to you:

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