Lupa X Capital Backs Xion Global

We are proud to announce that Lupa X Capital has added us to their investment portfolio. This partnership will give us more exposure, guidance, and expert strategic advice to accelerate Xion’s growth and guarantee its success.

Lupa X Capital is an investment and advisory firm in the blockchain industry. Specialising in developing early-stage projects with a focus on DeFi and NFTs. Their team is made up of a group of professionals from a range of different technical backgrounds with a strong influence in Western Europe and Eastern Asia. They’ve also built a portfolio of luminary projects, including most recently, Trustpad, Polkacipher and Cryptomeda amongst numerous others.

As a Strategic Partner, they’ll be leveraging their extensive industry and community presence to ensure sustainable, and continuous community growth for Xion.

About Xion

We are the next generation of payment portals. Bringing cross chain decentralised payments, loyalty and financial rewards to a global commerce industry. Think ‘Stripe’ for web3.

This coupled with our all-star team with 30+ years of marketing experience, positions Xion to disrupt the payment system industry and become a true leader in the space.

“Cryptocurrency needs a real-world use case to gain mass adoption and our e-commerce solution is a natural fit for this purpose”

Xion Finance

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