Customers love once off discounts, which is good for a quick sale but it invites a lot of short term customers that ramps up voluntary churn. It’s time to offer compounded discounts to customers that need your subscription products or services, to build long term customer relationships.

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No monthly fees, no startup fees, no weird-type of fees. A simple and powerful platform which is FREE to use, think ‘Stripe’ for web3.


Add a loyalty program in one click

Need to increase your customer lifetime value/period, renewal and retention rate? Then simply activate the loyalty program on your subscription checkout buttons to offer lifetime discounts. This means every single time your customers are billed for their subscription, they will receive a compounded discount.

The longer they stay subscribed, the more discount they’ll get!

Get loyality program in 1 click with Xion
Get great savings with Xion's loyality program

Customers and merchants save big

Using the loyalty program discount calculator, you can tell customers exactly how much they will be paying and saving every day, week, month or year. This will entice customers to stay subscribed, knowing that they will be saving more money every single time they are billed.

Your business will have an even better steady stream of revenue from increased retention rates and you’ll be saving year-on-year from decreased customer acquisition costs.

Predict your recurring revenue with discounts

The Xion discount calculator allows you to view exactly how much customers will be paying you with discounts for any subscription you are selling. You can configure the discount calculator to any subscription price, period, interval, amount of subscribers and what loyalty package level customers are on.

+ Increases visibility of committed and pipeline revenue streams.

+ Improves the ability to manage customer payments.

+ Ensures opportunities are managed to secure the full anticipated revenue.

+ Improves cash flow management and production planning.

+ Removes the labour intensive headache of forecasting on spreadsheets

Predict your recurring revenue with xion loyality program

Subscription discount levels

There are 6 discount levels. The more XGT you hold in your Xion/Torus wallet, the bigger the discounts will be off every recurring billing payment. Every time your subscription payment goes off, you will be charged a certain amount of XGT to get this discount. So make sure you always have enough XGT to continuously get compounded subscription discounts.

How to get discounts off every recurring billing charge

How it works:

1 – Head to the “Wallet” page on Xion Global platform

2 – Select a level of discount you want off every recurring billing charge

3 – Click “Buy XGT with xDAI” to activate the selected loyalty program level

4 – Head to the Xion Finance marketplace to purchase a loyalty activated subscription

5 Hold onto that XGT to receive compounded discounts

If you decide to withdraw your XGT from your account, then your discount will be reset.

Upgrade to higher tiered loyalty packages with Xion
Get XGT Discounts -Xion Global

How XGT discounts work

Once you have your XGT and level activated, you will qualify for a certain level of discount. Every time your subscription payment goes off, your XGT will automatically be sent to the merchant, in order to receive a compounded discount.

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D Preen

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M Kurse

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