Anyone, anywhere in the world can use Xion to start taking online payments. There are no startup fees, monthly fees or any other weird-type of fees. You only pay when you make a sale. We’re here to help you start your decentralized online store.

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Create customizable checkout buttons for your website or app, add two lines of code to start receiving international payments, manage your customers, subscriptions, sales and more. No chargebacks, middlemen or underwriting.

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Immediately start accepting online payments

You don’t need to incorporate a business, submit any personal information, provide a bank account or submit your website for approval. Simply sign up with just a password, create a checkout button, add it to your online store and start accepting international payments in real time. It’s free access to payment and online business management tools.

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No hidden fee with Xion Global

No hidden fees

No monthly fees, no startup fees, no weird-type of fees. You only pay when you make a sale. There’s also no chargebacks so you can forget about fraudulent transactions and chargeback fees. What’s more, when you do make a sale we only charge a 0.5% + $0.30 flat fee on any single or recurring sale.

We’ve been in your shoes

Over the past 12 years we have scaled multiple e-commerce businesses and experienced some of the most painful points when it comes to selling online. From banks refunding fraudulent customer disputes, payment processors charging high transaction fees and refusing to payout funds, to increased voluntary churn from unrecognized charges. We understand what you’re going through and that’s why we created Xion.

Xion's undersatnd its customer painful points
xion automation features for enterprises

Less work more life

Working less and earning more has many psychological benefits. Less stress and anxiety, better relationships, because we spend time with our loved ones, and have more energy to give them. Working less enables us to experience the joys of life. Using Xions all-in-one solution, you can focus on what really matters, whilst we take care of the rest.

Automation is key

Xion is built to automate entire industries around the globe. Automated payments, invoicing, lifetime discounts, business metrics, dispute resolution, fulfillment and even automated upsells to automatically increase your average revenue per customer. When we grow, so do you. Think about it, you’ll never have to integrate another app ever again. Eventually, you’ll be able to click 1 button and your startup will scale into a corporate giant.

xion automation features for enterprises
Microfinancing and resources to start your business - Xion Global

Microfinancing and resources to start your business – coming soon

Any idea, no matter how crazy or simple it is. We want you to get funded instantly through our microfinancing partners. All you have to do is believe and we will help you succeed. Everyone deserves a chance to become financially free. You get funded and we help you build your online store.

Easily protect your environment
– coming soon

Being an entrepreneur means you are in the drivers seat to protect your environment. We supply you with compostable and biodegradable packaging materials for all your physical product and shipping needs. Furthermore, we allow you to assign specific donation campaigns to your products sold on our Xion marketplace.

Allowing you or your customers to easily donate used electronics, clothing, resources for students and educators and even food that customers didn’t use from their previous food subscription box.

Environment protection and Donation Campaign by Xion


For your big or small business alike

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“Really practical for managing payments for my subscription services!!”

D Preen

“A great way to finally handle all my subscriptions! As I am also a big fan of decentralization and cryptocurrencies, I am very happy to have finally found a solution where I can combine the advantages of the cryptocurrencies with traditional subscriptions!”

M Kurse

“Great easy way to see and pay for all my subscriptions in one place.”

U Panther