Customer Management Release for Xion Global

Xion has released their latest update for merchants to manage their customer lifetime value, outstanding payments, subscription statuses & much more!

Let’s jump straight into the new features added to Xion Global.

Customer Management Dashboard

Xion has performed extremely well since their initial payment gateway release in early December 2021. Over 7000+ users (merchants & consumers) to date and over 300% in organic traffic growth.

Now it’s time to release yet another important development for Xion’s merchants to have a clear overview of all their customers.

Top key features for customer management dashboards:

  • LTV(Lifetime value) of individual customers
  • Recollect outstanding payments
  • View & manage customers subscriptions & one-off transactions
  • Customer Details for shipments

    Bulk Customer Management Dashboard

    Individual Customer Dashboard

    The value derived from each individual and bulk customer dashboard provides merchants with a seamless method of reconciling transactions, managing customers and their subscriptions more effectively.


        Xion makes it easy for anyone to start accepting payments and managing orders by allowing both web2 and web3 sign ups: Email or web 3 Wallet.

        With that in mind, signing up by email will automatically create a web3 wallet for the user to receive and send payouts. A seamless transition from a web 2 > web 3 environment for inexperienced crypto users.

        Signing up via a web 3 wallet will simply assign a Xion profile to the connected wallet address in order to receive and send payouts.

        All in all, the wallet page provides users with the following capabilities:

        • View payout & account balance
        • Send & receive crypto
        • Purchase crypto with card & payout crypto into bank accounts
        • Top up & Withdraw account balance for recurring payments

          Wallet Dashboard

          Loyalty Program

          Let’s talk compounded discounts on subscriptions purchased from Xion Global merchants.

          Firstly, any merchants who uses Xion Global’s payment gateway via checkout buttons and/or payment links have the option to activate loyalty on their recurring payments.

          Secondly, if the loyalty program is activated, then any of the merchants customers who hold $XGT in their wallet, will receive discounts on every recurring based payment. The more $XGT customers hold, the bigger the discounts are over time.

          Thirdly, the loyalty program is not only catered for B2C but B2B as well, therefore businesses can also offer discounts on B2B services and/or products.

          The loyalty program not only increases customer retention, lifetime value and increases the utility of $XGT but ensures a more steady stream of recurring revenue.

          Last but not least, this loyalty program page provides both businesses and consumers with the ability to purchase $XGT for different levels of compounded subscription discounts.

              Loyalty Program Dashboard (XGT)

              Xion will be deploying the ability to pause, activate and unsubscribe both individual and bulk customer subscriptions, via the customer management dashboard in the coming weeks.

              Furthermore, the Xion team is working tirelessly behind the scenes on APIs, multi-party, multi-chain and fiat payments for their 70+ metaverse/gaming client integrations in late Q2.

              Exciting times lie ahead for both Xion and $XGT supporters.

              About Us

              By combining the irresistible perks of a Web3 environment, cross-chain capability, loyalty programs and cashback rewards, Xion readies itself to be the game-changer in the global e-commerce and finance industries. Essentially, Xion aims to be a Web3 Stripe facilitating crypto payments for thousands of merchants and their customers when they shop online and at almost zero costs.

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