Cheapest And Best Shipping Methods – Subscription Box Business

If you’re running a subscription box business one of the most important parts of the business is to get your boxes delivered. There are multiple different methods of shipping and the amount the cost varies can be quite surprising.

You may consider shipping as somewhat of an afterthought when setting up your subscription box business, but it is a large factor in your success. You need to know you can deliver your product, and you need to know how much it will cost.

Your subscription business is doomed to fail if the price of shipping exceeds the amount you charge for the box itself!

Cheapest shipping methods for subscription box business

Shipping Within the US

For shipping within the US, you might consider options such as the US Postal Service, DHL, UPS, FedEx, or other similar companies. There are a few factors to consider here when using a subscription as a service platform.

Different rates are charged for shipping by each of these businesses, but it isn’t just based on a single factor. The most common factors are the weight and physical size of the package, so if your subscription box will be approximately the same size every time you will be able to make a choice right at the start.

However, even if the box stays the same size but the weight varies, you may need to reevaluate your decision every time you produce a subscription box.

A further factor to consider is shipping insurance. If your shipment is lost, damaged, or destroyed, you’ll be the one who receives the complaint. Shipping without insurance is cheaper but may be more expensive in the long term is problems consistently come up.

Shipping Xion Global

Shipping Internationally

A further factor to consider when shipping internationally is the exact location. Shipping from the US to Canada, for example, can be relatively inexpensive with USPS, but destinations in Europe may not be so economical and other options may be preferable.

This is again determined by the size, shape, and weight of your box, so research is the key. Your subscription business can only be a real success if you spend the time to make sure you’ve chosen the right shipping method.

Keep Your Subscription Business Running

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