Finally, consumers get a universal shopping account to checkout from any online store. One purchase off any store and you don’t need to enter in your contact, shipping or banking details ever again. Simply login with Facebook, Google, email or SMS and you can immediately checkout. No dapp download required, the 1st e-commerce blockchain payment platform in the world!

Simple and quick check out process - Xion Global



• No bank account, incorporated business or personal info. is required

• Free access to online payment and business management tools

• Any industry, anywhere in the world


Accelerated account creation

In checkout, customers can create a universal shopping account in seconds using: Facebook, Google, Reddit, Twitch, Discord, Email or SMS. Once created, they immediately have a digital wallet to purchase products off any store, using any device. Making the checkout process quicker than ever before through Xion’s blockchain payment gateway.

Accelerated account creation facility- Xion Global

Saved details to purchase products off any store

Forget about entering in your shipping address, contact details or card information for every order. Once customers have purchased a product, or any subscription services, their details are saved for every purchase here on out. If you are selling on different online stores, customers can use the same account to checkout.

Real-time worldwide transactions

Anyone, anywhere in the world can use Xion’s blockchain payment app. There are no geographical or industry limitations. Transactions happen in real-time, so you get paid immediately from anywhere in the world.

saved detail features to purchase products from any store Xion Global
secure and fraud prevention payment process Xion Global

Fraud engine, SMS validation and card 2FA

All Visa and Mastercard payments through our blockchain payment gateway are run through a secure and fraud prevention process. Firstly, the customers payment will run through our fraud engine, then followed by an SMS validation to approve the payment. This is a 1-time thing. Consumers need to only authenticate once and on their 2nd time going through the checkout process, they will automatically bypass this process.

Stable and secure cryptocurrency payments

Using our blockchain payment platform, Merchants receive payment in the DAI cryptocurrency stablecoin for security, stability and transparency. DAI is pegged 1 to 1 to the USD(1 DAI = 1 USD), so you don’t have to worry about any volatility. Using DAI means there are no chargebacks to eliminate fraud, no middlemen, to put you in control of your funds and to allow a direct linkage of consumption between you and your customers. Plus, when using Xion’s blockchain payment gateway we cover the ETH gas fees so customers don’t need to, and only charge you a flat 0.5% + $0.30 transaction fee.

Stable and secure cryptocurrency payments - Xion Global

Customers payment options and smooth Web 2.0 to Web 3.0 transition

Customers can purchase products, services or subscriptions using Visa, Mastercard, Discover or Apple Pay. It’s the same as a traditional checkout, but with a slight twist of a blockchain payment gateway. When they use their debit card: it automatically purchases the DAI stable coin, they approve the transaction to complete their order and you immediately receive payment in your Xion Digital Wallet.

This way, customers will be used to their normal way of shopping online, but transitioning into a decentralized world to take back control through our blockchain payment platform. Experienced crypto users can also send DAI directly into their Xion Wallet in checkout, to complete their purchase. Plus, we cover the ETH gas fees so customers don’t need to.

Upsell and allow customers to manage their orders

You can create follow-up checkout buttons using Xion’s blockchain payment platform, to upsell higher priced and relatable products to increase your customer cart size before checkout. Customers are also directed after completing their purchase to download the Xion Wallet browser extension. Why? So they can login to the Xion Platform to manage their orders and have a 3 click checkout process for future orders.

check out process for customers Xion Global
Shopping cart notification Xion Global

Shopping cart notification

A shopping cart pop up will appear when your customers add their first product to cart. They will be able to click next offer, to head to your follow up checkout button pages to add more products to cart or immediately checkout. If they proceed to the next offer then a shopping cart icon will appear on the top right of your website to show them how many products are in cart, and an easy avenue to head to more offers or immediately checkout.

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“Really practical for managing payments for my subscription services!!”
D Preen

“A great way to finally handle all my subscriptions! As I am also a big fan of decentralization and cryptocurrencies, I am very happy to have finally found a solution where I can combine the advantages of the cryptocurrencies with traditional subscriptions!”

M Kurse

“Great easy way to see and pay for all my subscriptions in one place.”

U Panther