About Us

Xion Global was founded to fulfil a need. After spending several years working with multiple ecommerce and payment solutions, it became clear that there was no single unified ecommerce platform. Xion set out to change this.

Challenging existing practices and constructing a new business model for ecommerce, businesses and customers are empowered with a decentralized ecommerce platform that simply works.

We want to allow companies of any size to create, sell and manage their products/services online without the need for intermediaries or 3rd party providers. This frees up time for businesses to more effectively serve the needs of their customers, leading to greater satisfaction and better business results.

From young entrepreneurs to CEOs of established businesses, our decentralized platform will enable business growth and allow more and more people to become financially free & independent. When your system runs on autopilot, it is much easier to maintain a stable business and plan for expansion.

Xion Global is headquartered in Delaware where a team of ecommerce and blockchain enthusiasts from around the world work in unison to provide the best possible platform for our customers. Our service is constantly evolving and expanding to offer improved features, reach untapped markets, and help the entrepreneurs of tomorrow.

About Our Platform

Our e-commerce platform is suitable for companies of all sizes that wish to offer products and/or services online via subscriptions or once off payments.

For the buyer, this allows simple purchasing through our browser extension and management of subscriptions within the platform, giving the buyer complete purchase transparency and control.

The technology behind our platform is based on blockchain, a decentralized and secure method of data storage and transfer. All information within this system is safe and accessible, protected against single points of failure and encrypted for security.

The platform allows businesses to reap the benefits of decentralization and automation of all order-to-revenue operations, relieving the need for any 3rd party payment providers or intermediaries. We include full management capabilities within the platform, along with analytics, messaging and loyalty.

It’s a complete end to end solution that is easy to use and comprehensively meets the needs of any business dabbling with or fully committed to selling online.

Xion is built for the new generations of online entrepreneurs & businesses!

Discover the power of Xion today – Click “Get Started” on the home page.

We’re changing the ecommerce game for the better.


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